About Us.

At Saga we specialize in telling stories through images, designing each project with a unique and tailor-made approach. We believe that with the artistic and technical versatility of our team we can offer something fresh and innovative for our clients.


Vodafone, PlayStation, Ing Direct, Orange, A3Media, Fundación Ayuda contra la Drogadicción / FAD, The House of Marley, HotWheels, Seguros RACE, ECAM, Minute Maid, ONCE, Cornetto and Rexona among others.


LOLA MullenLowe, Sr.Rushmore, Cheil, Swing Swing , Ogilvy , La despensa, La moderna,Arnold.


Alex Baqué(Creative Director)

Lucas Giraldez(Creative Director)

Jose L. Saez (Creative Director)

Alfonsso Lucas (Executive Producer)